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Syrian Sniper Takes Out Rebel

Plane crashes during festival in Bolivia

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WTF Compilation June 2015

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Ends with Both Legs Broken.

Stupid Guy Tries to Commit Suicide

Disturbing video filmed on Thursday April 9, 2015 by local news KNBC Channel 4 in Los Angeles captures a group of San Bernardino County sheriffs deputies beating a man after he had clearly surrendered. The man's name is Francis Pusok and he led police on a horseback pursuit. He clearly has his hands spread on the ground, and you can even see one of the cops kick him right in the groin, before proceeding on a full assault on the man. San Bernardino County Sheriff John McMahon has ordered an immediate internal investigation into what he called "disturbing" video showing an arrest by deputies after a horse pursuit that was caught on camera. Video Credit: KNBC

Disturbing Video Surfaces of Police Beating in California

Shooting happens at 2:43

Fort Worth Police kill homeless guy's dog